Iron Maiden and Judas Priest not the same

Am I the only who thinks its odd when people constantly match Iron Maiden and Judas Priest together as if they make the same kind of music. Often people claim that "band X sounds like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest". The band in question is often a meaningless metalband who sounds laughably not like Maiden and/or Priest. But the strangest thing is that Judas Priest and Iron Maiden don't really sound that alike. Whats the difference? Well Iron Maiden's music sounds a lot more complex and varied than that of JP. You will never hear Judas Priest play songs like 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner', 'Alexander the Great' or 'Phantom of the Opera'. Iron Maiden uses galloping rhythms that you dont hear with Priest who sound a lot more tighter and groovier. Just listen to 'Piece of Mind' and than compare that with Screaming For Vengeance it's a very different approach. The lyrics of IM are more fantasy orientated while Judas Priest's are a lot more grounded in daily life.

This ofcourse has nothing to do with the music. That people compare bands with Iron Maiden and Judas Priest has nothing to do with the music but its more a way of showing that those bands are 'old school metal'. This is a fundamental error because IRON MAIDEN AND JUDAS PRIEST FOR CHRIST SAKE DONT MAKE METAL!! They are hardrock bands and all those dorky metalbands must never be compared with such legendary acts. Metallica, Testament or Mercyfull Fate are 'old metal' so campare all those sucking bands with them. This is a typical example of symbolic comparison. These lazy comparisons are made because of the (suposed) association with the band not because the group they are comparing it to sounds the same. Just like people compare bands with AC/DC or Motorhead (another terrible pairing) because they are so-called simple sounding while you could compare them to all the other hardrock bands because heavy metal is by definition simple music. Or when people rather annoyingly compare bands who write catchy songs with the Beatles. Stop it! I've got only one thing to say about this: FUCK SYMBOLIC COMPARISONS!! A band must sound like a band to be compared to that band. That's that. Iron Maiden and Judas Priest don't sound like each other so there is no reason to compare bands with them. If anybody is gonna mention those bands together again i'm gonna lynch them.


Guitar Institute Of Apathy

You will probably have noticed this yourself but don't you get annoyed when a guitarist is asked about his influences you allways hear the same awnser: Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai. YAAACH! That really works on my nerves. This is typical of the predictable way of thinking of the average metalfan. Clearly we are supposed to think that these guitarists are very good because they play incredibly fast. This is a perfect example of the naive way of reasoning that you get with metalheads because there are enough gitaristen who don't play as fast as the corny names mentioned above but make a lot better music with a lot more feeling and inovation. The whole shred guitarstyle is one of the worst things to happen to the world of guitar. This kind of soulles playing has given technically acomplished guitarplaying a bad name. I give all those Yngwie Malmsteen type guitaristen that you got in the late80s and 90s the blame for all those sloppy and amateurish guitarists that have come up since Nirvana and Green Day. The shred-guitarists have scared of people from playing in a proper way and caused many people to start playing in a deliberately crappy way so that we are stuck with crap like White Stripes and Blink 182. Which is understandable to a certain extent cause if I only knew guitarplayers like Steve Vai and John Petrucci I would hate technically accomplished and fast guitarists. Thankfully I do know better and I know that the best music is made by musicians that know how to play well. I am sure if all those young guys would hear guitarists like Joe Walsh, Michael Schenker, Rory Gallagher or Alex Lifeson they would throw away their crummy indierock cd's and will be motivated to play their instruments well. Those guitarplayers are real craftsmen that play with a lot of emotion are creative and still play very fast. The idea that technically acomplished guitarists are empty soulles musicians is absolute rubbish but ofcourse all those Allmusic Guide/Rolling Stone followers will try everything to convince you otherwise and urge you to listen to all that trendy crap like Pavement and Beck.

What surprises me the most is when people mention the overated trio is that the music they make has nothing to do with those musicians. Yngwie, Vai and Satriani are hardrock guitarists what have bands that make metal got to do with that. It's allways powermetal guitarists that mention those guitarplayers as influence. You would expect people that make that kind of music to site the guitarists of Helloween and Blind Guardian as their inspiration. But ofcourse they wouldn't unoriginality is what powermetal is all about. Also deathmetal bands and even hardcore acts cite the infamous trio as a big influence. Unbelievable! But doing what people expect of you is what metal is all about and if the rest of the metal target-audience cite the three musketeers of shred-playing you as genuine metalhead follow suit. And now we have come to the main cause of that awfull shredstyle. The 'Guitar Institute Of Technology' the infamous music-school in Los Angeles. That name allready sounds so horribly clinical that fits perfect with the insipid style that people play there. It's more like a factory assembly line where guitarists are squeezed into a certain style of playing instead of being encouraged to develop their own style. And ofcourse the shred-style is the norm. Don't even think about doing something else. They probably have a statue of Yngwie Malmsteen in their schoolyard. Lets not forget their little propaganda magazine Guitarworld that focusses more on who can play the fastest instead on genuine talent. My advice for guitarists who have just started playing their instrument avoid the Guitar Institute Of Dullness and all those other boring music-schools as the plague and try figure out for yourself how to play guitar. Rock n roll is music of the streets not the conservatory. Let's hope the Guitar Institute Of Technology gets blown up maby we will get some creative guitarists again.


Hardrock records not in the metal-section

I may be the only one but dont you get extremly irritated of how record-stores divide their music in the shop. There is nothing as annoying as going into a musicshop in search of a cool band and that their cd is in the metal-department. Clearly there are idiots that think that hardrock bands like Rainbow, Iron Maiden or Motorhead make the same music as all those stupid metalgroups. Then they are totally ignorant because people who are fan of old rockmusic consider it a big insult to stick such great bands inbetween all that metalcrap. Can you still remember in the 80s and the 90s (when people actually knew something about music) you used to go to the cd-store and hardrock groups where allways put in the hardrock segment. If you would look on the sticker of cds of AC/DC, Whitesnake or Ozzy Osbourne you would allways see under the bandname and title gloriously the word hardrock. You didnt even think about using that awfull M-word. Unfortunately the musicbusiness is nowadays run by all these autistic nerds who have a completly bureaucratic and incorrect way of catagorising music which results in great bands like Dio, Scorpions and Nazareth ending up among totall trash like Cradle Of Filfth, Avantasia, Morbid Angel and Epica. The worst thing is that people start associating these legendary bands with all that metal-rubbish. But ofcourse thats exactly what they want you to think. People must be discouraged to listen to hardrock and the best way to achieve that is to let people think its metal. Everyone that has an IQ higher than that of a jellyfish dont want to have anything to do with that metal stuff. Thats why its so incredibly important to explain to people that hardrock is totally different music than metal. So please do us a favour and give hardrock its own space so we can avoid any more confusion. But why should hardrock have its own section anyway. I dont see why hardrock cds couldnt be included in the ordinary pop/rock department. Its not as if that kind of music is so different than say U2 or Nirvana. Its understandable that metal gets its own segment because its much more extreme and brutal than ordinary rockmusic. But hardrock is accesible and mainstream enough to be part of the popsection. This way a lot of people who arent familiar with hardrock music can get to know these bands. And maybe a Radiohead or Foo Fighters fan will see an Accept or Skid Row record and think to themselves, hey why not.


Iron Maiden not for wimpy guys

One of the big mysteries in the world of popmusic is the song 'Teenage Dirtbag' by the band 'Wheatus'. Beside the fact that its an awfull song, the singers has an annoying voice and the lyrics are terrible the whole point of the song just doesn't make any sense. The song is a about a guy that gets bullied because he listens to Iron Maiden??? What the fuck has Iron Maiden got to do with losers that get bullied at school. What gives the guys that are responsible for this song the idea that insecure nerds would listen to a genuine hardrock band like Maiden. Iron Maiden is a 100% pure jockrock band were dorks, geeks and losers are not welcome. This is more a band for the bullies than for the ones that are getting bullied. The funny thing is i'm not the only one that has noticed this. My mother heard this song on the radio and even she thought it was odd that a nerd would listen to a band like Iron Maiden. Totally right and my mom does not know anything about rockmusic and even she thought those lyrics were stupid. I mean there must be better examples that fit better with what the song is about like groups like Blur or Blink 182 that are arch-typical nerdbands. Or ofcourse powermetalacts like Steel Prophet or Edguy or perfect examples of what bullied kids would like. What surprises me is that people take this. You would at least expect that rockfans would get enraged by this put the members of Wheatus on a scaffold and throw rotten vegetables at them. Unfortunately nothing happens. The modern wellbehaved rock/metal audience just accepts it. I on the otherhand feel like chopping the bandmembers of Wheatus to pieces with a chainsaw. These kind of bands want you to think that heavy rock is music for losers. Well then they are completely wrong because heavy metal has never been music for kids that get teased. Not that hardrockers are ultra-macho guys they are just not the kind of guys you can fuck around with and who can perfectly hold there ground.


Motorhead. No Punks allowed!

This is one of those annoying myths that just works on my nerves. How in heavens name do people get this stupid idea that Motorhead is something that is related to punk. Motorhead is a 100% pure hardrock band where punks and similar types are not welcome. Unfortunately all those so-called rockfans of today are completely ignorant so that these kind of misunderstandings slip into the musicscene. Because of this we are constantly bombarded with retarded comments like ''Motorhead has a lot of punk energy" or "Motorhead is more like punkband than a heavy metal group''. People that say this kind of crap should be thrown to the lions because it's first class nonsense.Calling Motorhead a punkband is heresy. It is like building a satanic chuch on the grounds of Vatican City. Don't even think about it. It may come as huge surprise to all those brainwashed rocknerds of today but in the 20st century punks totally hated Motorhead and rightfully so and anybody who dared to call Motorhead a punkgroup could expect to get a big punch in the face. Nobody saw a connection between Motorhead and punk which is totally logical because heavy metal is totally different music than punk. Punks are polically correct dorks that live in squats while Motorhead and heavy rock bands in general are more Easy Rider guys that ride Harleys. 

It's only in the 21st century with the arrival of luckyrock bands like Peter Pan Speedrock and Zeke that the confusion started. Even though these bands do not sound at all like Motorhead this caused the impression that they were making punk-related music and ofcourse all those stupid punks are fooled by this. Unfortunately there are no real rockers anymore who resist this bullshit. They are replaced by all these faceless metalheads who have zero selfconfidence and who believe everything that Kerrang or the Metalarchives tell them. What surprises my the most is when people think Motorhead sounds different from other hardrock acts. As if they make completely different music. This just shows how ignorant a lot of people are about heavy rock because Motorhead is perfectly comparable with how heavy metal bands used to sound like. There were so many bands back then that played kick-ass rock n roll just listen to the band Riot or the Japanese group Bowwow or Picture all bands that make music similar to Lemmy&Co. But all those buffoons probably think that powermetal is real heavy metal so ofcourse they think that Motorhead isnt real hardrock. I dont understand that "fans" of this band like moronic bands like Nashville Pussy or Hellacopters. You would think that people who like this band would check out the NWOBHM acts and listen to for instance Saxon instead of those luckyrock groups. Or 70s bands like Nazareth, AC/DC, Rainbow or Budgie who clearly have inspired Motorhead. The coin just doesn't drop. So listen very clearly: Motorhead is a fuckin heavy metal band and anybody that calls this a punk band should get shot!!


Guns n Roses overrated but not bad

You might have noticed that I think that Guns n Roses is a very overrated band. It's unbelievable that all those misinformed rockgeeks think that they are such a great band while there are much better hardrock bands out there. But I never said they were bad. They are a fairly good band. Compared to all that schlock out there that passes for rock nowadays it is not that big of a surprise that people think they must be a very good band. The genuine hardrock fan knows better and realises that acts like Judas Priest and Montrose are 100 times better. But I want to talk about a bunch of pieces in the NME(yuck) called Sacred Cows about bands they considered overrated. Guns n Roses is one of the groups mentioned. A perfect candidate you might think. But this article is filled with complete crap. You might even start to think that Guns n Roses isn't overated at all but underated judging by what is written here. This piece and the bloke that wrote it are perfect examples everything that is wrong about the post-Metallica generation that completely ruined heavy metal during the nineties. It's clear that this guy is a metalpunk that totally does not like hardrock. He says that the heavy rock of the seventies is retarded music and that conservative hairmetal acts like Motley Crue, Wasp, Poison and Guns n Roses are stuck in that period while "progressive" bands like Napalm Death, Slayer, Carcass and Mayhem are making interesting music. What he actually means is that glammetal bands like Motley Crue, Guns n Roses make real heavy metal similar to the bands from the 70s/early80s and that groups like Slayer and Napalm Death and those other crap bands he mentioned are actually just a bunch of vegaburger-eating punks who have nothing in common with real heavy rock.

You must at least give him credit for being honoust that he thinks hardrock is shitmusic and that bands like Slayer en Napalm Death are fake-heavy metal groups who by the way are absolutely not progressive or refreshing. But clearly guys like this think that progression means playing as loud, fast and stupid as possible because intelligence and musical values do not play a role in metal. Then he starts complaining about that they are such racists and sexists. Why? Because he uses some swearwords? Making insults has nothing to do with racism and all that stuff. Racism means that there is inequality in a society and that there are different rules for certain ethnic groups in a country. Axl Rose can make as many insulting remarks as he wants it is still not going to have anything to do with racism or sexism. Everybody with a little bit of common sense is gonna understand that a song like 'One In A Million' is made to express a certain dissatisfaction not because there is some serious hatred under it. But this is probably way to honoust and direct for all those metaldorks. They want to make heavy metal a wellbehaved and predictable style of music so that it becomes safe for all those wimpy Pitchfork hipsters. It's time to put an end to all this nonsense and people including the fool that wrote this piece who are offended by lyrics about 'chiks' or 'tits and ass' must be kicked out of hardrock music immediately. It is totally understandible that you think that Guns n Roses is overrated but definately not for his reasons. Than you can just as well consider GnR the best band in the world. But what do you expect of hardrocker that writes for the NME. Than you know it's going to be bullshit.


Heavy metal. Not a Lifestyle!

We all know the images of from all those stupid metal-documentairies like 'Global Metal' or 'A Headbangers Journey'. All those fat tattoed buffoons with ugly piercings in their mug and ofcourse a wall of devilhorn-salutes. But what annoys me the most are meaningless remarks like "metal is lifestyle", "We are one family" or "metal is part of my identity". What a gigantic rubbish. It's clear that they are just repeating what they hear other people say. 99% of people we say this stuff won't be listening to metal in a few years time. They will have grown over it (rightly so) dress like normal people do and listen to music like Simply Red and Maroon 5. Nobody likes metal because they feel any genuine affection for the music metal is way to shallow and IQ-destroying for that. They listen to it because they want to be part of a group. They are just a brainless sheep who confuse their urge to follow the herd with genuine passion. So forget about all that stuff about lifestyle/subculture/identety they are just adapting to the rules of the metal-target audience. How different this all was in the rational 70s/80s when hardrockers would never say the stupid rhetoric listed above. Nobody gave a damn about subculture or identity. It was all much more about the music. Rockers were just fans of a band or music that typical hardcore mentality didn't really play a very big role then. Ofcourse there was a sense a comradery in hardrock but it was more like with football fans. You don't say about somebody who is a big fan of Manchester United that he is part of a "Manchester United subculture". Or somebody who reads Batman as being part of a "Batman subculture". That's how it just to be with heavy metal. Hardrockers are just normal mainstream guys who just happen to like loud rockmusic. The whole target audience-mentality came later and has only caused a lot of trouble. So don't let people stick you in to a subculture you are more than your music taste.


No more covers please!

The only thing worse than nobody covering your songs is being covered by a band that sucks.  It's painfull to hear that a song from your favorite band gets totally raped by a bunch of imbecils who have absolutely no understanding of what their music is all about. A perfect example is the cover of the Iron Maiden song 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' by Cradle Of Filfth. This embarrasing remake of the IM song used to be played a lot at a bar where I used to go. Each time the song came on I felt like throwing the cd-player out of the window and strangling the bandmembers and the person who put it on. It is baffeling that some Maiden fans see this as compliment. Iron Maiden fans who do not feel like puking when they hear this aren't real IM-fans. Period! The most typical example of this are the cover-songs of Metallica. Metallica should keep their filfthy hands of bands like Diamond Head, Budgie, Thin Lizzy, Lynyrd Skynyrd etc. It's just makes you cringe when you hear those great classic rock tunes getting the ugly Metallica metal-treatment. Even worse are Slayer remakes of Iron Butterfly "yuck!", Judas Priest "Blaargh!" (My little white plastic bag is full-up now). Let them cover punksongs that clearly is more up their alley. It's also terrible when fairytale-metalgroups like Hammerfall (Kiss, Accept, Twisted Sister), Iced Earth (AC/DC, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper) or Nightwish (Gary Moore) make their intelligence and musical taste insulting versions of classic songs. As if the fans of such bands will start respecting those nerdmetal acts. I seriously think that bands like that should get fined for playing those great songs. So metalheads don't even think about covering hardrock bands.


Good musicianship. Absolutely important!

We know all the cheap excuses that particulary punk and alternative rock acts use to justify their crummy music. Naieve statements like "technique isn't important it is all about the emotion" or "I think making a good song is more important than playing solo's". Because bands that play well make soulless music and all those charming ramshakle bands with their playfull amateurism are genuinely creative. HAHAHA!! I laugh in the face of such ignorance! Just listen to all those crappy bands that you get nowadays like Hellacopters, White Stripes, Libertines, deathmetal etc. and you will understand that good musicianship is important. Ofcourse expressing emotions is important but the best way to do that is to play your instrument properly rather than playing in a sloppy way. Somebody that is genuinely interested in playing their instrument well will be more eager to be creative or inovative than somebody that's only interested the latest fashion or following the newest trend. People who say this kind of stuff are talentless losers who don't really like music and are only interested in socializing with cool people, getting chicks and becoming rich.  Their are no noble ideas behind this. Good musicianship is absolutely essential! It's so important that you understand that. Good musicians know how to write songs. That's the reason why punk or grunge bands do not sound cathcy they miss the expertise to write songs. Bands that are technically accomplished also sound more aggresive. Punk doesn't sound tough because it has a very chaotic and sloppy agression that just does not have any impact. Hardrock bands know how to control agression and to focus it and aim it like laserbeam which makes the music a lot more energetic. You can't get something for nothing. Making good music takes effort and is praiseworthy when done rightly. So no more do-it-yourself and learn to play yer fucking guitar!


Satanic scare did not exist

There is nothing more frustrating about being a fan of a band as people having misconceptions about such a band. Often people base this on something that they have seen on TV or read in a magazine. And you as fan have to listen to all this ignorance and explain to these fools why it is all not true. Judas Priest is the perfect example of this. I dont know how many times I heard people bring up that awfull court case when I mention their name. I feel like finding everything that references that stupid case like all the news articles every copy of that documantary they made about it and throwing it on a bonfire. This is often the first thing that people hear about them and it just works on my nerves because they are much better than that. Just like the bat chewing incident of Ozzy Osbourne. God I allways hate it when people bring up that fuckin bat incident. Like they want to sound knowledgable about heavy metal and think "well thats something they must find really interesting" while the only thing they want you to do stop mentioning that stuff and start talking about the good music and lyrics. The subtext is that this band is scary and they are into satanism and make depressing music that makes people commit suicide. That is complete rubbish because anybody that knows anything about hardrock are well aware that it is very joyfull music with positive lyrics about girls, cars and venting frustration. You should be surprised that such a feel-good band like Judas Priest were sent to court like that. "What Judas Priest making kids kill themselves! HAHAHA what a ridicilous notion" That should be your reaction. Not "O yeah Judas Priest they are such a scary band ". Which brings us to the supposed satanic scare in the 80s. People want you to believe that the authoraties were all woried that rockmusic was corrupting the youth with evil lyrics trying to turn the kids into satan worshippers. There was no such thing as that. Completely made up by ignorant Cracked.Com writers. Most people didn't care about something as trivial us popmusic. They cared more about the cold war or unemployment or tension in the middle east. See how they link the word satanic to the 80s despite the bands back than not singing about satan or murder and rockfans hated that stupid horror stuff. It makes much more sense to link it with modern times. Bands singing about satan are everywhere. It's bullshit that christian people thought hardrock groups were scary bands that should be stopped. It were not christians who want you to believe thay heavy rock is evil satanic music it's the punks who do that. Punks will just do everything to ruin heavy metal's good name and this one of those projects. But what about Tipper Gore and the whole PMRC thing you may ask? That was all about sexually explicit lyrics not about satanism and horror. Which makes sense because that's what hardrock groups generally sing about not about horror lyrics they were absolutely absent. So nice try didn't work. This myth is busted like all the others.


avoid self deprication

Self deprication is according to many people the best trait a person can have. On dating sites it is the most important requirement for the future partner to have a healthy dose of self deprication. In adverts, talkshows, famous people all praise the virtue of making fun of yourself and if you dont do that people think you are a grumpy moaner thats going to ruin the positive vibe. There is absolutely no one that asks himself why self deprication is such a good thing. Thats because there is no good reason. Its pure herdopinion. People only say this because other people say it and without hesitation they take it over. You get all these nerdy losers with Russel Brand beards that have their room decorated with pokemon wallpaper and have teletubbies stickers all over their bike. Which makes sense because people like guys that you can easily make a fool of who are not going to be a threat to the establishment. Girls on dating sites think that is cute. They don't want to have creepy Pat Condell types. Men should be a bit like Peter Griffin behave in a clumsy way we can all take the piss out of and that the women, children and even pets know better. This is ofcourse not accurate because men are much better at leadership and taking tough decisions than women. Woman often make emotional guided decisions that can lead to bad policies. This is why they have invented the concept of self deprication. So they can keep you under their thumb. Do you think people hundred years ago cared about self dprication. They were all very proud of everything they did and didnt resort to that kind of buffoonery. You do not even need to go back that far in time. Even thirty years ago nobody ever talked about self deprication. If you hear rockmusic back than it had a real fighter spirit. We can take on the world and nobody can stop us. That has all gone. Now we only have devilhorn saluting metal idiots who do everything according to the rules defined by the music establishment. (devilhorn salute, black clothing, vikingbeards). Metalheads also use self deprication which makes them easy to control they know their place and they wan't do any sudden actions. Its allways the punks that say that hardrockers should use more self deprication. Which is kind of odd because punks never use self deprication. Ever seen Henry Rollins or a band like the Clash make a fool of themselves. Absolutely not. They allways get huge praise from everybody without even the slightest doubt. The people in charge will allways tell people who they consider to be a nuisance that they should do more self deprication even though they themselves will never do that. Thats also the point of self deprication to make you feel ashamed of yourself. That is why they design all these bands like the Darkness and Buckcherry to affirm all these wrong notions people have of hardrock. If you get angry about that and point out that classic rock wasn't like that people just think you are a spoilsport that's just spoiling the party for everyone and ofcourse they will tell you to use self deprication. Dont take life so seriously just make fun of yourself. See there you have it. Everything is done to make heavy rock look stupid. I suggest the complete opposite. Avoid self deprication. The most important advice I can give is this and listen very well. ALLWAYS BE PROUD OF YOUR MUSIC!! Tell anybody that says your music sucks, is stupid or is unoriginal that they can fuck of. Approach your music in a serious manner and that the listener gets that. Dont let them trick you that you must make a fool of yourself be modest or do all kind of silly stuff. This way we can rid the world of self deprication. At least in the world of rock.


lowest uncommon denominator

Its common knowledge among rockgeeks and music professors that popular music is by definition bad. It is vapid throaway music that is just made purely so the record company can make a quick profit of the schlock they are releasing. The people buying this crap are a bunch of braindead herdfollowers who have no good taste in music just buying whatever the record labels spit out. Underground music on the other hand is special. The indie record labels release music thats full of depth and creativity and is made by genuine music lovers who understand what art is all about unlike the uneducated hicks that like mainstream music. At least to naïve hipsters that believe everything vice magazine tells them. The eltist rocksnobs that dictate what you should like are trying to sell you their crummy music that has rightly been rejected by the masses so that you against your better judgement are being shamed into buying this stuff. You should flip this on its head. Mainstream music is good underground music is bad. If you just follow this advice you will end up with a much better music collection. Just look at the sales figures of all the great bands. All those bands like ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Journey all have diamond certified albums. Nearly all the bands of the past that sound familiar to you have all sold platinum records or at least gold ones. The music papers can claim all they like that all that indierock stuff like Dead Kennedys, Belle and Sebastian or Replacements or all making life changing thought provoking music none of those groups come anywhere near the sales figures of say Uriah Heep. Which makes sense because that band and others like them just make much better music. Do you notice that its allways fans of shallow music styles like metal, punk, gothic, hardcore that are the most proudly underground very much against whats popular while the music they make is utter shit. That is because with music like that it isnt about the music its about subculture. Its all about being part of the target audience and having the right dress code with all the lingo and hand signs included. I absolutely hate subculture! Unmusicality starts slipping in and just ruins the music. This annoys me because to me music is everything. All the social stuff that comes with it is just secondary. In the eighties this was different. Subcultures didnt exist back then. Nobody cared about things like credibilty. If a band became big people wished them well and were happy that they were succesfull. You did not start hating them because they became "to commercial". Only punks thought like that. But in the nineties being credible and being against the mainstream became the norm and it explains why music went down the drain since then. Thats why i like hardrock. It is so gloriously mainstream and not concerned with being credible. Thats a good thing because if your trying to be credible you just end up playing by other peoples rules and typical mainstream rock bands like Nightranger, Iron Maiden and Blue Oyster Cult did everything in their own way not concerned with what the hip press thought of them. Thats why i trust the opinion of the common man more than of the music critics. Critics dont really care about music they care about social status, being trendy or cutting edge. They are forced by their peers to like certain bands even if they are not really good. A working class guy can immediately see through this and he will make up his own mind what he thinks is good music not caring what others think of that. Which ofcourse leads to liking bands that are really good instead of the drivel that the underground spews out. This is only logical because popular bands tend to be more talented they practice more they put more effort in producing quality music and this pays of people recognize this group has something special that the other bands dont have and they become popular. This is not rocket science its the same reason why coca colas is more popular than the supermarkets own brand of cola. It simply tastes better. I think the example that sums it up the best is this. 'Hotel California' by the Eagles is one of the most played songs ever totally mainstream. Yet its such a great song with fantastic musicianship and deep thought provoking lyrics. Deathmetal on the other hand is fucking terrible music with growling vocals crappy musicianship and stupid lyrics about satan worshippin, cannibals eating people and vikings hacking people to pieces and it is the definition of underground music. Case proven! This does not mean that the masses cant be completely stupid. The corona virus hysteria thats going on now is clear proof of that. Its unbelievable that such a totally unthreatening virus that does not cause any harm and is just the same as the common cold is being used to put all kinds of restrictions on people. Like that stupid 1,5m social distancing rule or worse that people are forced to stay at home. This is completely ridiculous and just plain morally wrong. But all those braindead zombies just swallow it without any hesitation. You as a levelheaded person has to accept the consequences of all this stupidity. But it is not like the alternative segment of the population is doing anything against this. They are actually much worse than the average person. At least the normies are rebelling against this nonsense taking up arms against their opressors. Just like the people protesting in Michigan that had taken over the gouvernment building or the guy that started a street party in Cincinnati or the guy that stood at the beach in New Jersey that forced them to open the beach resort. These people are genuine heroes resisting all that tyranny. And what are the supposedly artistic college kids doing. They are telling you that you must obey the state propaganda to stay at home and not meet your friends in the park. You just need to go to pitchfork and you will see dozens of articles like '10 things to listen to while in quarentine' or 'how to make your own face masks' instead of telling them that this corona pandamic is a huge conjob and that they should start rebelling against their gouvernment and their unfair regulations. But people like that dont have any rock n roll running through their veins. The idea that you can just rebel against something is a completely foreign concept to the people of pitchfork. But what do you expect they are servants of the new world order. So leave it to us mainstream people to start the revolution. The normies are the good guys the socalled alternative people are the ones that are ruining everything


Alternative people are dorks

Do you know a punk, metalhead, gothic or other alternative types get rid of that person as soon as possible. That may sound harsh but it will spare you a lot of trouble. They are pathetic losers with whom you dont want to be associated. I do not understand that you have normal people that protect those people. Like 'o what interesting people they do things in their own way'. What do you mean they do things in their own way. They all look the same and behave the same. They are very predictable. But all those well behaved suburban people dont know any of those freaks and in their naivity they think they must be special people and that grumpy men like me that say bad stuff about those poor alto's are just closeminded bullies that are not open to people with different views. Thankfully im not an average rule following person and i do know what they are like and i can tell you they are fucking irritating. I used to hang out with them and they are whiny people that moan about the most insignificant details and they constantly gossip about each other. They are allways sad and depressed and their way of thinking is illogical and incoherent. Mainstream people that you see at work or in the gym are friendlier talk in a clearer way and behave in a more coherent and efficient way. They also have these dorky interests like pokemon, animea or wicca or other occult bullshit. This is done to create the impression that rockers are confused socailly inept people who should be protected against the unfriendly cold world. There is a clear subtext here saying 'and that how they allways were'. The streetsmart Mel Gibson's that used to be common in rock tell a different picture. Hardrockers were rational selfconfident dudes with who you couldn't mess around with and who would realise immediately when you are trying to fool them.

Its not good enough to be some what rebelious. They want you to think that you have to dress in such an outlandish fashion to be unique. There is a huge difference in being yourself and looking ridiculous. Its clear that alternative people belong to the latter catagory. You do not need to look like you are part of a freakshow to have your own special way of doing. If you just do your own thing and dont constantly let society dictate how you should think and behave you are allready a very independent thinking person. You dont need to look weird to be like that. Thats why gothics and metalheads piss me of because they confirm the notion that have to dress in an extreme way to be different and thats rubbish. You are pressured into doing all kings ridiculous stuff to distinguish your self from the masses. This is another one of those punk ideas that you cant do things with moderation everything has to be over the top. Then we see gothic/punk types complain about that they don't get accepted for who they are. Well what do you expect if you dress like a lunatic. Ofcourse people will avoid you. You have brought it onto yourself. Thats the same as people allways complaining about prejudices. I think prejudices are good. It shows that you realise that people act in predictable ways and you can easily spot what somebody is going to behave like and that you can shun certain groups of people you cant get on well with.

Ofcourse the great majority of people are completely stupid. Just look at all the morons that walk around wearing a facemask. This has nothing to do with a deadly virus (thats totally fake that is pretty obvious) they are only doing because the gouvernment has told them. Im getting fed up with all these ignorant sheeple that just swallow all this crap even though its obvious to every one with an iq higher than that of a fly that this corona event is just used as an excuse to limit the freedoms of civilians and that our world leaders can act like dictators and keep everybody under their thumb. But are the alto's so much better? NO! If they were really so rebelious they would rise against all those thugs forcing these rules on us. They would go to the houses of parliament and kick out those fascist bastards and start making up their own ways of how the country should be run. But no all those alternative losers also follow the rules and wear a face muzzle wash their hands every hour and politely keep 1,5 meter distance from each other. The notion that you can rebel against your gouvernment is an unknown concept to alternative people. They are sesame street types the just repeat the herdopinion of our leaders. This fake pendemic is a test if you really think for yourself or if your a herdfollower.

So if you believe this covid-19 thing is real you can have 20 colours in your hair or wear hoodies with skulls with little batwings it doesnt matter you have failed the test miserably. Your status as an independent thinking person has been revoked. This reminds me of youtube videos of gothic girls who wear the same halloween outfit and spew out the same irrational nonsense. If you go to their instagram page you will see 'stay home stay safe' messages everywhere. And lets not forget the obligatory vacant 'black lives matter' black photo picture even though they are bunch of thicko hooligans that only prove that black people can be fairly antisocial. But hey they said it on the eight o'clock news and Anderson Cooper is such a trustworthy man so it is probably right because they would never lie to us would they. This is just exaperating do these guys believe everything they are told. No there is nothing bad going on here, BLM people are burning down are cities, our leaders our restricting our basic rights and they are changing our constitution so they have free reign to enforce their tyranical plans on us, we are forced to wear a dehumanizing facediaper even though the chances that you get sick because you walked in a supermarket for a quater of an hour are slim. No this is just the normal everyday way things should go. Unbelievable the quater just does not want to fall. Its like trying to explain to a bunch of toddlers that santaclaus does not exist. All those people like Justin Theroux, Boris Johnson or Joe Biden and his fraudulent election results may sound very firm when they tell you that the pandemic is threatening they are just acting and you should be able to see through it. They are just bunch of crooks that are trying to push the devious plans of the EU or UN through. Even though no levelheaded person wants that.