pseudo heavy metalbands


List of pseudo hardrock bands: Powermetal;

Abraxas, Adagio, After Forever, Agent Steel, Aina, A New dawn, Angeldust, Angra, Anguish, Annihilator, Arabesque, Arc, Arkngthand, Artension, Attack, At Vance, Autumn, Avalon, Avantasia, Ayreon, Balance Of Power, Battle Beast, Battlecry, Battleheart, Battlerage, Battleroar, Benedictum, Beyond Fear, Black Majesty, Black Steel, Blaze, Blind Guardian, Bloodbound, Brainstorm, Burn, Burning Point, Burning Witches, Cage, Cairo, Cauldron, Celestial Season, Celesty, Centurion, Chinchilla, Conception, Concerto Moon, Conquest Of Steel, Conquistador, Control Denied, Crusader, Cryonic Tears, Cydonia, Cypher Sphere, Darkmoore, David Shankle Group, Destinys End, DGM, Dionysus, Divinefire, Domain, Domine, Doomsword, Double Dealer, Double Diamond, Drakkar, Dragonforce, Dragonland, Dr Butcher, Dream Evil, Dreamland, Dreammaker, Dreamscape, Dream Tale, Dream Theater, Dungeon, Edenbridge, Eden's Curse, Edguy, Eidolon, Eldtrich, Enola Gay, Elegy, Elvenking, Elwing, Emerald, Emerald Sun, Enchant, Epica, Eternal Flight, Eternal Reign, Evergray, Exhibition, Explorers Club, Eyefear, Eyes Of Shiva, Fairyland, Falconer, Fatal Impact, Fates Warning, Final Chapter, Finntroll, Firewind, Flower Kings, Force Of Evil, Forgotten Tales, Fozzy, Freedom Call, Galloglas, Gamma Ray, Gathering, Glenmore, Ghost, Godess Of Desire, Gothic Knights, Gravedigger, Guardians Of The Flame, Gutter Sirens, Hades, Halford, Hammerfall, Harrow, Heavencry, Heavenly, Heidevolk, Heimdall, Hellfueled, Helloween, Helstar, Hibernia, Highland Glory, Holy Knight, Holy Martyr, Ice Age, Iced Earth, In Extremo, Influence, Insania, Into Eternity, Iron Fire, Iron Mask, Iron Saviour, Iron Sword, Ivanhoe, Ivory Tower, Jack Frost, Jacobs Dream, Jag Panzer, James Byrd, John Oliva's Pain, Jorn Lande, (post 80's) Judas Priest, Kamelot, Kenziner,  Labyrinth, Lacuna Coil, Lana Lane, Leonardo, Lethal, Leviathan, Liquid Tension Experiment, Lost Horizon, Luca Turilli, Magellan, Magic Kingdom, Mago De Oz, Majesty, Manic Movement, Manigance, Manowar, Manticora, Marble Artch, Marshall Law, Mastermind, Masterplan, Mayadome, Meduza, Messiahs Kiss,  Metal Inquisitor, Metal-law, Metallica, Metallium, Midnight Forces, Midnight Sun, Mob Rules, Montany, Morgana Lefay, Mullmuzzler, Mystic Prophecy, Naildown, Nanowar, Narnia, Nevermore, Nightmare, Nightqueen, Nightwish, Nocturnal Rites, Norther, Nostradamus, Olympus Mons, Omnia, Overkill, Pagans Mind, Pain Of Salvation, Paragon, Pathos, Planet X, Porcupine Tree, Povertys No Crime, Powerquest, Powervice, Powerwolf, Primal Fear, Psychotic Waltz, Pyramid, Pyramize, Rage, Rawhead Rexx, Recon, Reign Of Terror, Reviver, Rhapsody, Ride The Sky, Rings of Saturn, Ring Of Fire, Ross The Boss, Royall Hunt, Sabaton, Sacred Gate, Sacred Oath, Sacred Steel, Savage Cirkus, Savatage, Seventh Avenue, Seventh Omen, Seventh One, Seven Witches, Shadow Gallery, Shadow Keep, Silent Force, Sinergy, Sister Sin, Skullview, Skyclad, Solemnity, Sonata Arcitca, Spiral Architect, Spocks Beard, Stainless Steel, Steel Assassin, Steel Prophet, Stonehendge, Stormwarrior, Stormwind, Stratovarius, Stride, Symphony X, Symphorce, Tad Morose, Talamasca, Tarantula, Theater Of Tragedy, 3 Inches Of Blood, The Dogma, Threshold, Thunderstone, Thunder Reigns, Thy Majesty, Tiles, Time Machine, Time Reqiem, Totall Eclipse, Trail Of Tears, Transatlantic, Trent Gardner, Tristania, Twilght Gardians, Twisted Tower Dire, Twyster, Unrest, Vandenplas, Vanishing Point, Vicious Rumors, Virgin Steel, Vision Divine, Warcry, Wardog, Warhead, Warhorse, Warrel Dane, Whaldemar, White Skull, Wicked Maraya, Wicked Mystic, Wicked Witch, Wisdom Call, Witchsmeller Persuivant, Within Temptation, Wizard, Wolf, Wyvern, Zandelle, Zanister, Zero Hour, Zimmers Hole, Zonata


needle drops PS.png


List of pseudo hardrock bands: Deathmetal

Abigor, Abomination, Aborted, Absu, Accused, Acephalix, Agoalloch, Agrimonio, Aldebaran, Altar Of Plagues, Aluk Todolo, Amon Amaarth, Amorphis, Anathema, Ancient, Ancient Rites, And Oceans, Anhedonist, Arcturus, Altar, Amorphis, Arch Enemy, Arcturus, ASG, Ash Borer, As Good As Dead, Asphyx, Atheist, Atlantian Codez, Atlas Moth, Atriarch, At The Gates, Atrocity, Autopsy, Baroness, Bathory, Batlilus, Battalion, Bell Witch, Benediction, Bereft, Bewitched, Bison BC, Black Breath, Blesphemy, Blut Aus North, Boltthrower, Bone Sickness,  Borknagar, Boombaard, Bosse de Nage, Bludgeon, Broken Hope, Brutal Truth, Bulldozer, Burzum, Cadaver, Candlemass, Cannibal Corpse, Cannibis Corpse, Carcass, Carbomb, Carnival In Coal, Castevet, Cathedral, Celeste, Celtic Frost, Cemetary, Children Of Bodom, Circle Of Ouroborus, Cradle Of Filfth, Cranium, Cryptic Slaughter, Cryptopsy, Darkane, Dark Tranquility, Dawnbringer, Dead Horse, Deafheaven, Death, Deathstrike, Death SS, Deceased, Deeds Of Flesh, Deïcide, Demolition Hammer, Demoniac, Demonized, Deranged, Destroyer 666, Destruction, Dew-Scented, Dimmu Borgir, Disharmonic Orchestra, Disma, Dismember, Dissection, Domain, Driller Killer, Drop Dead, Dying Fetus, Early Graves, Edge Of Sanity, Emperor, Enslaved, Entombed, Esgarial, Evile, Evoken, Exhorder, Exhumed, Farsot, Finntrol, Fleshcrawl, Fleshgrind, Flesh Made Sin, Fueled By Fire, Funibris, Gama Bomb, Gaza, Gnaw,  God Dethroned, Goddes Of Desire, Godseed, Gojira, Gorefest, Gorelord, Goregutted, Gorguts, Grave, Grave Miasma, Haarp, Hagalaz Runedance, Hail Of Bullets, Hate, Hate Eternal, Hellnation, Hollenthon, Horseback, Hypocrisy, Iconoclasm, Immortal, Impetigo, Impiëty, Impious, Impulse Manslaughter, Incantation,In Flames, Indian, Inquisition, In Solitude, Inverloch, Hydra Vein, Incubus, In Flames, I.N.R.I., Inter Arma, Kataklysm, Ken Mode, Kovenant, Kowleen Waled City, Krallice, Kreator, Krisiun, Legion Of The Damned, Liar Of Golgatha, Liberteer, Limbonic Art, Lock Up, Locrian,  Lord Mantis, Loudblast, Lycus, Macabre, Malevolant Creation, Marduk, Martyrdod, Massacra, Massacre, Master, Mayhem, Messiah, Minotaur, Monolith, Morbid Angel, Morbid Saint, Morne,  Moon Of Sorrow, Moonspell, Mortification, Mouth Of The Architect, Municipal Waste, Mutilation Rites, My Dying Bride, My Insanity, Mystic Circle, Nachtmysticum, Nails, Napalm Death, Necrodeath, Necromantia, Necrophagia, Necros Christos, Nile, Nocturnal Breed, Noisum, No Return, Num Skull, Obituary, Obsidian, Occult, Officium Triste, Old Man Gloom, Onslaught, Oransi Pazuzu, Orphanage, Opeth, Pallbearer, Panopticon, Paradise Lost, Pain, Pestilence, Pinkish Black, Pig Destroyer, Possessed, Powertrip, Primitive Weapons, Primordial, Protector, Pullverizer, Raise Hell, Raspberry Bullies,  Regurgitate, Repulsion, Revenge, Ripping Corpse, Ritual Carnage, Rotting Christ, Royall Thunder, Ruins of Beverast,  Russian Circles, Sadistik Execution, Sadus, Samael, Salem, Samothrace, Satanic Slaughter, Satans Wrath, Sathanas, Satyricon, Sentenced, Sepultura, Serpentine Path, Severe Torture, Shadowlord, Sinister, Skeleton Witch, Slaughter, Slechtvalk, Slayer, Sodom, Soilwork, Solitude Arturnus, Spazz, SSS, Stronghold, Stormlord, Subrosa, Suffocation, Swordmaster, Terror 2000, Terrorizer, Testament, Therion, Thou, Thyrfing, Tiamat, Tombs, Toxic Narcotic, Toxic Shock, Trap Them, Tribulation, Ulcerate, Unleashed, Usurper, Vastum, Vatnet Viskar, Vaura, Viking Crown, Virulence, Vital Remains, Vhol, Xibalba, Waco Jesus, War, Warbringer, Windhand, Winterfylleth, Witchburner, Witchery, Wolfbrigade, Wolves In The Throne Room,  Xenomorph, Yellow Eyes, Yob, Zorn, 40 Watt Sun


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List of pseudo hardrock bands NU-metal

Adema, Agnostic Front, Agresión, Almighty Punchdrunk, At The Drive In, As Friends Rust, Audioslave, Avenged Sevenvold, Backfire, Biohazard, Black Label Society, Blood For Blood, Bruisers, Butcher, Cave-in, Clawfinger, Coal Chamber, Coheed And Cahambra, Condemned 84, Converge, Convict, Corrosion Of Conformity, Count Me Out, Cro-Mags, Crowbar, Danzig, Deftones, Deviate, Dillinger Escape Plan, Discipline, Disturbed, Dmize, Dog Eat Dog, DMS, Dreadlock Pussy, Earth Crisis, Echobrain, Excell, Frontside, Gazzoleen, Get Up Kids, Hardsell, Helmet, High On Fire, Him, Hoobastank, Ignite, Ill Nino, Judge, Killswitch Engage, Kingpin, Korn, Laberinto, Life Of Agony, Machine Head, Madball, Mard Volta, Mastodon, Meldrum, Merauder, Mesjuggah, Metallica, M.O.D., Ministry, N.A.O.P., Negative Approach, Nerve, Neurosis, One Man Army, On The Rise, Panic At The Disco, Pantera, Piston, P.O.D., Primus, Prong, Pulkas, Rage Against The Machine, Rammstein, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Ringworm, Rob Zombie, Rykers, Sepultura, Shelter, Slapshot, Slipknot, Skarhead, Soulfly, Spineshank, Spudmonsters, Stuck Mojo, Subzero, Suïcidal Tendencies, Taproot, Thungsten, Today Is The Day, Tokyo Hotel, Tool, Transplants, Trivium, 25 Ta Life, Vietnom, White Zombie, Will Haven, Wowbeggar, Youth Of Today, Yuppicide, Zakk Wylde


List of pseudo hardrock bands: punk

Adam West, AFI, All Boro Kings, Angelic Upstarts, Arctic Monkeys, American Dog, Apers, Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles, Bad Brains, Bad Religion, Bad Wizard, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Blink 182, Blue Bloods, Böhse Onkels, Bombshell Rocks, Buckcherry, Carburators, Casualties, Clash, Cramps, Crivits, Damned, Danko Jones, Dead Boys, Dead Kennedy's, Defiance, Devotchkas, Dictators, Dirtbombs, Dirty Denims, Discharge, Donna's, Dr Dick, Dropkick Murphy's, Ducky Boys, Elle Bandita, Exploited, Face To Face, Fatso Jetson, Flaming Lips, Flogging Molly, Foo Fighters, Fugazi, Fu Manchu, Gang Of Four, GBH, GC5, Generators, Ghosts Of Babylon, Glaspack, Gluecifer, Goatsnake, Gossip, Grand Magus, Green Day, H2o, Hardcore Superstars, Hard-ons, Hardsell, Heideroosjes, Hellacopters, Henry Rollins, Hookers, Hulk, Iggy Pop, Interpol, Iron Boss, Jet, Joy Division, Kyuss, Libertines, Lullabelles, Mad Sin, Marky Ramone, MC5, Mellvins, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mike Ness, Minor Threat, Misfits, Mixtwitch, Mudhoney, Mustache, Nashville Pussy, Nebula, Negatives, Nerds, New York Dolls, Nirvana, NOFX, Nomads, Northside Kings, Oblivions, Offspring, Operation Ivy, Orange Goblin, Oxymoron, Patti Smith, Peepshows, Pennywise, Peter Pan Speedrock, Placebo, Plan Nine, Prodigy, Pussy Riot, Queers, Racontours, Raised Fist, Ramones, Rancid, Real Mckenzies, Red London, Red Planet, Refused, Regulators, Revolution Riot, Riplets, Roadsaw, 7 Seconds, Sex Pistols, Sin City Suckers, Sinisters,  Sleep, Smashing Pumpkins, Snuff, Social Distortion, Sonic Youth, Space age Playboys, Speeddealer, Spiritual Beggars, Streetwalkin Cheetas, Strokes, Stooges, Strung Out, Suïcide Kings, Swingin Utters, Therapy, Tiger Army, Toten Hosen, Towers Of London, Toy Dolls, Troopers, Tsunami Bomb, Turbonegro, UK Subs, Unida, Vandels, Velvet Revolver, Velvet Underground, Voice Of A Generation, White Stripes, Young Heart Attack, Zeke, 1990's


List of pseudo hardrock bands: Late 80s Protometal

Abbatoir, Acid Reign, Agent Steel, Angeldust, Annihilator, Annihilated, Angus, Anthrax, Apocrypha, Artch, Artillery, Assassin, Atlain, Atomkraft, Atrophy, Attack, Attacker, Blacksmith, Blessed Death, Bloodfeast, Blind Illusion, Brocas Helm, Bulldozer, Candlemass, Carnivore, Celtic Frost, Chainsaw, Chastain, Cirith Ungol, Cities, Cacophany, Creeping Death, Crimson Glory, Crom, Cruella, Cryptic Slaughter, Cyclone, Damien Thorne, Dark Angel, Darkness, Dead Engine, Deaf Dealer, Death Angel, Deathrow, Defender, Defiance, Destiny, Destruction, Destructor, Detente, D.R.I., Evildead, Exciter, Excell, Exhumer, Exodus, Exxplorer, Fates Warning, Forbidden, Gothic Slam, Gravedigger, Griffin, Grinder, Hades, Halloween, Hallows Eve, Hawaiï, Heathen, Heir Apparent, Hellhamer, Hellion, Helloween, Hellstar, Heretic, Hexx, Hirax, Hobbs Angel Of Death, Holosade, Holy Moses, Holy Terror, Intruder, Iron Angel, Jag Panzer, Juggernaut, King Diamond, Kreator, Laaz Rockit, Liege lord, Mandator, Mania, Manowar, Megadeath, Mekong Delta, Mentors, Mercy, Mercyfull Fate, Metal Church, Metallica, M.O.D., Midas Touch, Mortal Sin, Mucky Pup, Mysto Dysto, Nasty savage, Necronomicon, Nuclear Assault, Obsessed, Omen, Onslaught, Overkill, Overlord, Oxenkiller, Paradox, Piledriver, Poison(ger), Possessed, Predator, Purgatory, Quick Change, Rage(ger), Razor, Realm, Reverend, Ruffians, Ruthless, Sanctuary, Slayer, (S.A.) Slayer, Sabbat, Sacrifice, Sacred Reich, Sacred Rite, Sacriledge, Savage Grace, Savatage, Scanner, Sentinel Beast, Sodom, S.O.D., Stranger, St Vitus, Suïcidal Tendencies, Taramis, Tarot, Tankard, Target(bel), Testament, Thrust, Titan Force, Toxik, Trouble, Tyrant(usa), Vectom, Vendetta, Venom, Vicious Rumors, Viking, Violence, Violent Force, Viper, Virgin Steel, Virus, Voivod, Warfare, Wargasm, Warhead, Warrant(ger), Whiplash, Witchkiller, Wrathchild America, Xcell, Xentrix, Zed Yago, Znowhite


List of websites to avoid:

Allmusic, Axes Of Heavy Metal, Best Old Metal, Blood Of The Immortal, Bobbafett, Central Metal Blog, Classic Trash, Cosmic Debris, Curiosium, Encyclopedia Metallium, Fantasy Metal, Heavy Metal Breed, Heavy Metal Warrior, Hellbanger Force attack, Highway To Hell666, Irmasosdometal, Just Metal, La Decada Del Metal, Lagrima Psicodelica, Long Live The Loud666, Lords Of Metal, Metal Archives, Metal4Alas, Metalfuck, Metal Observer, Metal On Earth, Metal Prudente, Metal To The Bone, Metal Troops, Natans Metal Castle, NWOBHM Brasil,, Pitchfork, Possessed By Fire, Powerheadbanger, Progarchives, Pucking Devilsblood, Revolution Rock, Ride The Lightning, Road To Metal, Rock Detector, Secrets of the Steel, Sex Murder Art, Slaytanic, Something Awfull, Spirit Of Metal, Storm In The Darkness, Templo Del Metal, The Metallion Classics, The Needle Drops, The True Metal Maniac, Thrashmageddon, Thrashpunxcrew, Trashrage, True Punk & Metal, Too Much Metal Fred, 21 Grams, Vibrations Of Doom, Warriors Of The Metalhorde, Where Metal Rules, Zware Metalen

Ways you can tell its a pseudo heavy metal website:

-If it's in black

-If It Has got 666 in the title

-if you see devilhorn-salutes everywhere (goes without saying)

-if you see pictures of dragons, monsters or warriors or other cheesy stuff

-if its got words like blood, axes, breed, warrior, hell in the title of the site

-if they try to sound dedicated and use phrases like 'metal to the bone', 'metal for life, 'totall fuckin metal' in the websites title. 

-if you see stuff that has nothing to do with music like Simpsons, Animea, Star Wars, Computer Games and ofcourse World Of Warcraft.

-if they talk in an annoying ironic way as if they are not totally sincere

-if they use irony language like 'epic fail' 'clusterfuck' or 'yay'

-if they use the word 'metal' to describe hardrock bands

-if they have 'hardrock' and 'heavy metal' as two separate catagory's even though it means exactly the same

-if they feel sympathetic to punk.

-if they use faux-intellectual words like 'aesthetic', 'consensus' or 'stereotyping' even though we all know that metal is completely retarded music.

-if they have all these irritating memes everywhere that are totally not funny

-if they have avatars with moving pictures in them that just work on your nerves

-if they use an ugly grey metalic colour.

-if they use computergame style graphics

-if your cursor suddenly changes into a devilhorn-salute.

-if they call symphonic rock bands from the early 70s like Yes, Pink Floyd Focus or Emerson, Lake & Palmer etc. "prog" or "progrock".

-people that say that NU-metal is the only modern style of heavy metal. Powermetal, death/blackmetal, thrash, doommetal are just as modern sounding. there is no oldfashioned heavy metal any more

-calling fast heavy rock songs like 'Ace Of Spades' or 'Fast As A Shark' 'speedmetal' or worse 'thrash'

-using the phrase 'powermetal' to describe music made before the nineties

-writing style names with space in between the words. writing 'hard rock', 'power metal', 'speed metal' and so on instead of attached like hardrock, powermetal, speedmetal the correct way

-using reviews by wikipedia or all music guide. Not being able to use their imagination to write a review of their own.

-using the word 'true' everywhere. like 'true metal', 'keep it true'. 'true spirit'. or other related words that signal phoniness like 'cult' or 'underground'. You know if someone calls something 'true' it's going to be anything but true.

-if they use self deprication. not able to show pride in their music

-if they call AOR real hardrock and anything louder than that metal while AOR is a more commercial form hardrock and that louder style of music is the real hardrock. metal is that dark joyless satan worshipping music.

-if they make inaccurate comparisons to bands who sound nothing like that band. like 'oh that sounds so much like the Beatles' or 'led zeppelin rip offs' despite the band in question bears little resemblence to those bands and is in reality fairly original

-if they act as if heavy metal is some underground cult phenomenon that is only listened to by a few dedicated fans while most rockmusic used to be really commercial sounding with bands selling millions of records and playing to sold out arenas

-if they support criminal orginisations like Antifa, Black Lives Matter or MeToo or believe the corona scare or climate change hoax is real

-if they call early protometal bands like Metallica or Overkill thrashmetal even though its just normal metal. Only really extreme bands like Slayer and Kreator are thrash.

-dividing everything into meaningless subgenres like sludgecore, mathrock, vikingmetal which are basically just the same thing creating a false sense of variety

-overzealous fandom like having tatoos of bands, starting silly little clubs dressing in ridiculous clothing, having unneccesary collector items like japanese releases of records or kiss pinball machines. just simply being fan of a band is clearly not good enough

-citing scientific studies. not able to form an opinion of their own

-calling bluesrock music of the early 70s hardrock and the louder rock music of late 70s and 80s metal. While the louder rockmusic of the late70s/early80s is the real hardrock and the early 70srock is just hardrock in its early stages.

-caring about insignificant stuff like spelling, having the correct date or using crappy dictionary definitions instead of figuring out for themselves what words mean


list of record labels to avoid:

Alternative Tentacles, Axe Killer, Cherry Red, Deathlike Silence, Dischord, Displeased, Earache, Epitaph, Estrus, Fat Wreck Chords, Gun, Lion, LMP, Lost And Found, Megaforce, Metal Blade, Music For Nations, Noise, Nuclear Blast, Osmose, Pavement, Roadrunner, Scooch Pooch,  SPV, SST, Stardumb, Steelhunter, Stiff, Subpop, Under One Flag, White Jazz, Wild Rags


List of festivals to avoid:

Alcatrazz Metal fest, Baroeg Open Air, Castlefest, Coachella, Download fest., Dynamo Open Air, European Hardcore Party, Glastonburry, Graspop, Heavy Metal Maniacs fest, Hell Festival, Hellderado, Keep It True, Lolapalooza, Lowlands, Metalshock,  Ozzfest, Pinkpop, Reading, Roadburn, Rockhard fest, Speedfest, Swordbrothers, Torhout/Werchter, Wacken Open Air, Waldrock


list of magazines/radio-tv shows to avoid:

12 Tone, Aardschok, Adam Neely, Alfomedia, Andy Edwards, Angela Benedict, Beckonor, Ben Eller, Beth Roars, Bradley Hall, Brandon Deon Music, Brian Posehn, Charles Corner, Classic Rock Mag., Creem, Decibel, Daniel Sarkissian, Eric & Darrell, George Harrison1970, Guardian, Hardrock Mag., Headache, Headbangers Ball, Heavy Metal Entertainment, Heavy Oder Was, Imakaiya, InfadelAmsterdam, Jason Stallworth, JHS Pedals, Kerrang, Key of Geebs, Leah Mouse, Levi Clay, Little Punk People, Lucas Brar, Metal Edge, Metal Forces, Metal Hammer, Metal School, Mindview, Mojo, Morgue Inportance, Music Is Win, Nahre Sol, Nik Nocturnal, NME, Of Herbs And Altars, Ola Englund, Olivier Kerkdijk, Oor, Opscene, Possessed By Horror, Produce Like A Pro, Professor Of Rock, Psychology of Rock, Punkrock MBA, Pure Metal Holocaust, Q-magazine,  Rick Beato, Rob Chapman, Rob Scallon, Rockhard, Rock n Roll True Stories, Rolling Stone, Scott Waters, Sea Of Tranquility, Shredmaster Scott, Soundfield, Spectre Sound Studios, Steve Stine, Terrorrizer, That Metal Show, Thralls Of Metal, TheNeedleDrops, Timeless Metal Classics, Trouser Press, Uncut, Vinyl Attack, Wire, Wrecked Radio News


bullshitting musiccritics

Andre Verhuysen, Charles Shaar Murray, Dave Marsh, Erik Westerveld, Gary Bushell, Gerrit Bremer, Hans van den Heuvel, Ian Cohen, Lenny Kaye, Lester Bangs, Mark van Schaik, M.C. Strong, Metal Mike, Michel van de Moosdijk, Nick Kent, Oene Kummer, Onno Cromag, Paul Elliot, Paul Morley, Petra van Kasteren, Rene Vanes, Rene Veerkamp, Robert Haagsma, Ron van Hal, Swie Tio, Wim Baelus,