Are you also fed up with people discribing powermetalcrap as "real" heavy metal. Have you ever thought to yourself that bands like Majesty, Kamelot, Nevermore or 3 Inches Of Blood sound nothing like the hardrock music of the 70s/80s. Well congratulations because you are TOTALLY RIGHT!! All that powermetal stuff doesn't sound remotely like genuine heavy metal. Bands like Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Sonata Arctica, Jag Panzer, Avantasia and Lost Horizon have absolutly nothing in common with the heavy rock of the eighties. Oldfashioned heavy metal? You must be kidding. Powermetal is pure 21st century music and just as modern sounding as NU-metal, emocore, trance and all those trendy wussbands like White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, and Jet. Powermetal is the complete antithesis of the hardrock of the past. It's overblown, shallow, brainless, cheesy, faceless music totally devoid of any emotion, passion, humour, originality and authenticity. With other words, it's complete kitsch! That's not how heavy metal was intended! Hardrock has always been a style that in its very essence has been about keeping things simple and being straight to the point where bombastic arrangements, artificial virtuosity, unnecessery tempochanges and wimpy fairytale lyrics have no place. Powermetal doesn't sound agressive, loud or raunchy at all. PM bands may have thick compresed guitars and typical annoying double-bass thumping but they miss that vital rock n roll power that real HM-bands like Raven, Deep Purple, Y&T, Saxon or Sammy Hagar had even though those bands had a guitarsound that sounded like it was made of cardboard and they didnt dress up like knights or vikings and all that corny stuff.

Its not only a musical problem but also a social one. Powermetal is after all the ultimate nerdmusic. Which unfortunatly attracts all these losers that enjoy playing World of Warcraft, go to fantasy-fairs or dress up like vikings. Its not hard to imagine all the stereotypical stuff like longsleeves, thor's hammer necklaces, alchemy jewelry or black and white armytrousers that go along with all that stuff. Exactly the kind of people who would have never listened to hardrock music in the past. This has had the unfortunate result that heavy metal has gained an unwanted nerd-image much to the amusement of indie/hipsters who like to give the impression that hardrockers are insecure dorks who they can make fun off. Offcourse this could not be further from the truth because hardrockers used to be cool and fast guys like Joe Lyn Turner and Biff Byford who got all the chicks. Powermetal is offcourse very a-sexual music that just totally lacks the machojock feel that heavy rock used to have. But dont forget that powermetal has been invented by punks to give heavy metal a nerdy image. Dont be fooled by it! But to be very honoust I'm getting a bit fed up with this music and all those overblown bands like Iced Earth, Trivium or Gamma Ray. I will go a step further and tell you that i've come to the ultimate conclusion that powermetal must be TOTALLY DESTROYED!! Every axe, every sword, every knights costume, every ringbeard, all those squealing idiots and all those r.p.g. playing retardfans must in the name of everybody who likes heavy metal for the right reasons be completly annihilated! So to everyone who still thinks powermetal is real heavy metal I will strongly urge you to listen to bands like Accept, Diamond Head, AC/DC, Foreigner, Rush, 220 Volt, Motörhead, Ratt, Tokyo Blade, Dust, Molly Hatchet etc. You will surely come to the conclusion that bands like Dream Theater, Iron Saviour, Virgin Steel or Tad Morose have absolutly nothing to do with genuine heavy rock. But hey, people who like powermetal probably dont know all those authentic bands.



It's hard to imagine but there was once a time when heavy metal was actually great music. The music sounded wild and exciting, with lot of passion, good musicianship, great lyrics and it sounded groovy. That all got totally ruïned with the arrival of thrash. Bands like Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Destruction, Exodus etc. have changed heavy metal from an exciting, energetic, intelligent and positive style of music into the stupid, dark, hokey, morbid and lifeless racket that it is nowadays. Al that speed/thrash/power/death/prog/NU/black/doom/hardcore/emo/grind-music all started with trashmetal. Speed/thrashmetal is the start of real metal before that you only had hardrock. Trash fans are complete losers. Where the old heavy rockers were all cool and smart no-nonsense guys when thrash come along you started to get all these thick dumbo's. You can compere them a bit with Nelson Muntz of the Simpsons, a little bit slow, not really smart and totally not funny. The lyrics of speedmetal bands totally suck. Just look at the lyrics of acts like Exciter, Nuclear Assault, Dark Angel or Destruction and you will be cringing at how bad they are written. They only sing about satan, horror, violence and predictable "political" topics. Not exactly of the same calibre as Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Biff Byford or Ian Anderson.  They write lyrics about serious stuff and they are thought-provoking. Also the sex drugs and rock n roll topics are completely absent with trashbands. You will never hear groups like Metallica, Anthrax or Exodus sing about chicks or sex. They are all a-sexuall nerdbands.

In the 80s if a real HM-fan saw you wearing a Metallica or Slayer shirt he would thump you and tell you that you should listen to Accept, Triumph or Quiet Riot. But nowadays metalfans are all spineless wimps who just accept all the rubbish that the metal-establishment tells them. Thrash-fans aren't hardrockers but just a bunch of shitty punks who actually don't like heavy metal. The only thing worse than a punk is a metalpunk. Just look at band- photographs of speedmetal bands in the eighties and you always see them wear T-shirts of groups like Misfits, Dead Kennedy's, Ramones and all those crapbands. You never see them wear shirts of Judas Priest, AC/DC, Raven or Ozzy Osbourne. Which clearly shows wear their interests lie. It's very clear that if you really want to know what hardrock is about that you must forget about speedmetal and all the rubbish that came out of it and just continue with making the type of heavy metal that was popular before thrash come along and spoilt everything. So no compressed pneumatic drill guitarsound, screaming monotonous vocals or relentless doublebass banging but bluesy heavy rock with melody and footstomping rhythms were you can bang your heads to.

Don't forget: THRASH IS TRASH!



Hardcore is without a doubt the most stupidest music there is. It's unsophisticated garbage that sounds like a bunch of orangutans banging away aimlessly on their instruments. It's unbelievable that "respectable" magazines like a.o. Rolling Stone or NME take this kind of music seriously and say stuff like "the anger of the ghetto" or "the authentic sound of the street" What a rubbish! It's pure antisocial music made by thugs who will steal the wallet from upstanding citizens. There aren't any good intentions behind this kind of music or intelligent observations of the so-called hard life in the ghetto's. It's hatefull, violent, and brainless noise made by tatoed machobands like Madball, Blood For Blood or Cromags. That doesn't deserve respect but only to be ridiculed. There are people who say that hardcore groups have good lyrics because they sing about "social conscious" subject matter and even claim they have better lyrics than hardrock bands. Dont make me laugh! Everyone that uses their brains even a little bit will realise that hardcore bands write stupid thick lyrics that even a toddler could write. Dont even dare to compare all those nursery rhymes from bands like Biohazard, Hatebreed or Sick Of It All with the great and intelligent lyrics from acts like Dio, Journey, Saxon, Lynyrd Skynyrd or Aerosmith. They also write 'social' lyrics but are a lot more subtle. But that's something the average hardcore fan doesn't understand you allways have to explain everything to them.

What also annoys me enormously is straightedge. That's supposed to have a 'positive' message but everyone who disagrees with that "message" is hated by all those straight-edgers. Be positive or we will beat you up. I honostly don't see what's so wrong with beerdrinking, smoking joints, eating meat or having sex. Thats exactly what makes life fun. This whole straightedge thing seems a lot more negative to me. But punks allways have strange ideas about whats good. Hardrockers are a lot more rational. Unfortunately starting in the 90s hardcore has influenced heavy metal so that we suddenly have all these bald dumbo guys walking around with far too wide trousers and ugly tatoos who growl or shout stupid meaningless macho lyrics over a wall of unlistenable racket thats stripped of melody, intelligence or melody. Nu-metal is an unfortunate result of the hardcore/metal fusion. It's seriously time to get rid of all these hardcore inluences from hardrock music. Lets ban this tough-guy ghetto mentality from heavy metal. But I must watch out maybe one of these homeboys will come looking for me and blow my brains out.



It's just unbelievable that there are people who consider deathmetal serieus music. This music is the epitome of bad taste. Soulles, retarded and boring noise for nerds who think they are tough. Deathmetal bands can't play their instruments. They just bang away on their instruments in a complete random and brainless manner. Dont expect any great guitar playing alla Michael Schenker or Ted Nugent. They can only play dull sounding deathmarch riffs. It's absolutely not tough or wild sounding music. They might think they are tough if they sing about moronic subjectmatter like satan, decaying corpses are serial killers that go around murdering poeple every genuine rocker knows that deathmetal fans are a bunch of dorks with their longsleeves, armypants and thors hammer necklace. Deathmetal has a very artificial agression and hasn't got any energy or power in it. The old heavy metal bands may not be extreme but there is a kind of rock n roll energy that makes it enourmously exciting. If you go to a consert of Saxon, Led Zeppelin, Riot or Mahogany Rush the crowd goes wild. If you go to a deathmetal consert you see that everyone is rooted to the floor clapping politely between the songs.

It allways makes me laugh when one of those fools is telling you that deathmetal fans don't conform to the rules and that all those ordinary people who listen to top-40 are just following the herd. In reality it are the deathmetal fans who are the herd-followers and the top 40 listeners are smart and individualistic enough to understand that deathmetal is stupid music. Whatever you may think of shallow popartists like Britney Spears. Lady Gaga or Katy Perry it's outstanding music compared to braindead bands like Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy and Morbid angel. It's not only people who like popmusic or Barry Manilow who hate this kind of music hardrockers also hate this kind of music. What I also find incredibly annoying is that deathmetal fans find everything 'commercial'. If you tell a deathmetalhead that you like Judas Priest, Def Leppard or Whitesnake you allways get these stupid "That's so commercial" or "What a wimpy music" reactions. Complete rubbish ofcourse because those band are incredible loud they only think it's 'commercial' because it doesn't sound like the unholy racket they listen to.  Actually it's quite a compliment if they tell you you're music is commercial because that means that you write good songs, that you can play, that there is melody and groove in it and that it's intelligent all characteritics that are completely absent with deathmetal. If you think about it deathmetal is the most commercial music there is because it's worthless music yet there is still money made from it. If a deathmetal band sells ten records its allready to commercial because thats more than such a band deserves.



Punk is music that all heavy metal fans totally detest. And rightfully so because hardrockers and punks are totall enemies. A little bit like the mods and rockers but without the fighting. Have you ever wondered why music nowadays sounds so shallow, meaningless, gay and wimpy. Why music today is only about appearance and following the trend. The awnser is quite simple it's all because of the steaming pile of dogshit called PUNK. Punks want to convince you that punkmusic is incredibly special. We all are supposed to believe that punks are very non-conformist, rebelious, earnest and openminded. This is ofcourse complete bullshit. In reality punks are complete crowd-followers who do everything by the rules and they hate everyone who doesn't behave in the same way as they do. Rebelious? You must be joking! They are all rich kids who look down on the working class man. Extreme left-wing scum who live in squats while in reality they can easily find a place of their own instead of stealing other peoples houses. But punks aren't just people with mohawks or torn clothing. It's much worse than that. All those nerds that wear curly haircuts, fake glasses and phony retro-clothing are also punks. You probably seen them when you walk into a hipster café and you allways see them in the corner of your eye point at you in a manner as if they wanna say "look there you've got that dickhead again". I allways feel like punching those guys in the face. The kind of bands they think are cool like White Stripes, Blur, Queens of the Stone Age, Weezer or Vampire Weekend are also 100% pure punk bands. But they dont look like punks the naïve modern day rock fan will say. Don't be so ignorant. They may not sound like Exploited or Sex Pistols they have that same filfthy stench of rotting corpses hanging around them that's typical of punk. Metalfans are also punks. Ofcourse a lot of metalheads will disagree with that statement but they are wrong. Metalfans are just as punk as a dirty stinking squat. You notice it in the way they dress they allways wear the same ugly dumpstore clothing that punks wear. Metalfans also hate old hardrock bands. Have you ever seen a metalhead who listens to bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Tygers of Pan Tang or Yesterday& Today. No way! Punks have completly destroyed heavy metal. All those uncool developments in heavy rock like growling vocals, stupid lyrics, bad dress sense, bad musicianship and forced underground attitude is all the fault of all those fucking shitpunks. Don't forget that it's allways punks who write for musicpapers and badly informed websites like wikipedia and who do everything they can to give hardrock a stupid and ignorant image. Even though heavy metal is hundred times smarter than all that punk crap. So dont be fooled by all those punk-lies.




YAAAAWWN... OOWWAAAA.. So where was I. Oh yeah I'm gonna write a piece about doommetal. No wonder I feel sleepy doommetal is ofcourse very boring and tiring music. I feel like I'm going to sleep writing about it let alone listening to it. Not surprising ofcourse because the kind of guys that make this kind of music are very slow themselves and not very bright. They are all grumpy types who get annoyed when they hear old-fashioned hardrock bands like Raven, Cinderella or Ted Nugent. They sound like they have too much fun and are not depressing enough. Let's be clear about one thing. Doommetal bands have nothing and mean nothing in common with the music of Black Sabbath. All those boring shitbands like Candlemass, Paradise Lost, St Vitus, Cathedral, Trouble etc. dont sound anything like this legendary hardrock band. The fundamental misunderstanding about Black Sabbath is they are a very dark and doomy bands. This is complete bollocks. They may have an occasionally scary sounding riff but their music has a very optimistic and enjoyable feel to it just like all those other classic rock bands. Their music is based on oldfashioned blues scales and sound nothing like the deathmarch melodies you get with bands like Type-O-Negative, Obsessed, Solitude Aeturnus and all that other doommetal crap. The kind of guys that play in doommetal bands are all punks. St Vitus used to make records for SST a punklabel, The Obsessed used to play with punkbands and one of the guys of Solitude Aeturnus said with great pride that he once was a punk. All clear warning signs that doommetal isn't real heavy metal. Doommetal came from thrash. What!? You can hear the modern day rock/metal fan think. "But thrash is fast and doommetal is slow". Dont be so naïve! Doommetal groups have the same kind of dark en demonic feel that you get with bands like Slayer and Celtic Frost. So let's stop copying what other people say and saying rubbish like "doommetal bands sound like Black Sabbath" or "sounds oldfashioned". Doommetal is just as modern as a steaming pile of dogshit let's bury this kind of music.



Haven't you noticed that lately there are lot of so-called hardrock bands who have absolutely nothing to do with real hardrock. They are all just dick-sucking punks who are disguised as hardrockers. I'm ofcourse talking about groups like Nashville Pussy, Danko Jones, Peter Pan Speedrock, Turbonegro and Queens of the Stone Age and all those other annoying bands. We are all supposed to believe that bands like that are very rock n roll or tough while every genuine rocker knows that they are all bunch dorky hipster-nerds who all hate heavy metal. Don't be fooled! They come out of that pathetic indierock tradition of pretensious bands like Sonic Youth, Pavement, Big Black, REM, Clash or Velvet Underground. They all look absolutly stupid with all those porno mustaches, short hair, sideburns and those ugly tatoos. They look completely laughable it's surprising that nobody sees it. The lyrics are also totally retarded. As if hardrock bands only sang about stripjoints, dragcars and drinking whiskey while heavy rock groups in the past also sung about intelligent and social consious subjectmatter. Ofcourse singing about sex, drugs and rock n roll is also part of it but with the hardrock bands of the past it was a lot more witty and subtle. With the luckyrock bands it's allways so vulgair, cheesy and obnoxious. I'm getting a bit fed up with all those kitshy groups who give heavy rock a moronic image. It's time that all those bands like Zeke, Triggerfinger and Young Heart Attack fuck of and make place for serieus hardrock acts. We don't deserve this kind of stupidity heavy metal is music of good taste!



NU-metal is another awfull style that was created during the retarted 90s. The decade were everyone became less intelligent, house and rap were invented and crappy bands like Machine Head, Korn, White Zombie, Deftones and Life Of Agony made their unwelcome entry. Tatooed baboons who have escaped from the getto and who only sing about violence, fighting, suicide and dark subjectmatter. This style was invented in the early nineties by gorillametal acts like Pantera, Sepultura, Biohazard, Fear Factory and Machine Head who when it comes to dumbness, stupidty and shallowness go way beyond the thrashbands that proceeded them. Later on we got bands like Coal Chamber, Korn, Deftones, Mudvayne etc, who combine the lunkheadedness of the bands mentioned above with a pathetic emolike loser mentality. We also get a lot of hiphop influences in metal during this time because so-called makes "heavy metal more varied". Even though hiphop is a very one-dimensional style were everything sounds the same. It will only maker your music less varied. It annoyes me a lot that it's fashionable nowadays to dress up like black kids in America on wear wide baggy pants, turned around cap or dreadlocks. The so-called 'wigger' look. As if it's uncool to dress in a typical white way. You also hear these annoying prodigy-like bleeps and sirens sounds in NU-metal bands that work incredibly on your nerves. NU-metal has destroyed heavy metal. Don't let anybody tell you that rubbish like Marilyn Manson, Pantera, Trivium or Limp Bizkit follow in the footsteps of bands like Wasp, Judas Priest, Nazareth or Krokus. They are all filthy, ugly dorkpunks.



It's clear that rock n roll is no longer made by wild and rambunctious guys who are replaced by totall dorks who care more about fashion than playing your instrument properly. All those bands like Strokes, Black Keys, Queens Of The Stone Age, Franz Ferdinand etc. are talentless crapbands who just make every real rocker's blood boil. I really feel like throwing a molotov cocktail to the people responsible for this kind of music. Yet you still have ignorant people who make nonsensical statements like "kick-ass rock n roll" or "dirty music" and unfortunately the Pitchfork crowd accepts it as the truth. Don't be fooled by all those punklosers acts like White Stripes, Libertines, Turbonegro and Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs are absolute gay-sounding wimpbands. It's a crime to call all that crap rock n roll. It's clear that all those brainwashed nerds haven't listened to real rock groups like Saxon, Rainbow, Kix or UFO because they wouldn't say all that bullshit and they would throw all the cd's of the bands mentioned above in a bonfire. I don't think its odd that people like top-40 music if this is supposed to be the alternative. All that rap and house music may be awfull but I can understand that people who like 50 Cent or Lady Gaga don't get motivated by cheesy bands like Arctic Monkeys and Fleet Foxes to listen to lesser known music.

I can get enormously irritated when someone rightly remarks that music nowadays is complete trash you will allways get one of these badly informed meatheads who will tell you that popular music sucks but in the underground there are enough good bands. Ofcourse when he mentions these socalled "underground" bands (you guessed it)
you will hear the familiar row of bands like Kings Of Leon, White Stripes, Bloc Party, Eagles Of Deathmetal and so on. Stop insulting our intelligence! They are exactly the bands that are the problem. When someone says that he hates modern music he ofcourse doesn't mean the music in the top-40 (we all know that) he is obviously reffering to all those trendrock bands. It's baffeling that all that schlock is supposed to be an alternative to commercial rockbands like Nickelback or Creed. Dont make me laugh! Those pseudo-grunge acts may sound boring but compared to stuff like Strokes or Vampire Weekend they are very exciting. Whatever you think of Nickelback or 3 Doors Down they at least resemble what a rockgroup sounds like very dull and lifeless rockmusic but you can at least recognize that it's rock. But bands like Arcade Fire have nothing tough or agressive sounding about them. After all this time it's still totally unclear what is supposed to be exciting about these bands. They all sound so well-behaved and polite. As if they all fit neatly into the same trendy mold. Exactly the kind of music that we should be rebeling against. It is unbelievable that nobody sees it. Rock n roll? MY ASS!!!



Gothic is music that is listened to by suicidal pseudo-vampires who watch Twilight all day long. They are all hysterical borderline girls who perfectly fit into a film like 'Ginger Snaps'. And all the boys... they could just as well have been girls. Gothics look totally stupid with their, skirts, makeup, black clothing, neon glowsticks and plastic etc. The worst thing is that this is starting to influence heavy metal. The optimistic Wayne's World attitude of the hardrock of the past is being replaced by bleak, depressing morbid approach. Metalfans look more like gothics than classic rockers. Why do you think they allways wear black clothing? Because of gothic ofcourse! Metalbands allways sing about suicide, vampires, depression, fairytales and witches. Subjectmatter that has been directly inspired by gothic music which has absolutely nothing to do with the party mentality of old. How often dont you see gothics who cut their wrists or have psychological problems, Or in the worst cases kill their classmates. These things do not belong in heavy metal. This is even more reason to keep gothic influences out of heavy rock. Just like paranormal stuff like witchery, wicca or satanism all stuff that is deadnormall in gothic but doesnt belong in a rational style of music like hardrock. Also the fantasy lyrics that you get with metalgroups are all the fault of gothic. The corny fairytale lyrics that you get with powermetal bands are completely inspired by gothic music. Heavy metal bands never sung about that kind of stuff. I find that gothic has a very negative influence on the youth of today and that you should avoid this kind of music as much as possible. My advise is: Listen to hardrock music it will make you feel a lot better and not give you the urge to kill yourself.



Time to put on your afro-wig, your flairs and your polyester suit the seventies party has started! NOT! This music has absolutely nothing in common with 70s rock. I can not believe when I used to visit a guy I knew he was playing a cd of the Masters Of Reality and he thought that was really old-fashioned sounding music. What a fool! It's just totally modern sounding music made by geeky indierockers. Bands like Kyuss, Unida, Spiritual Beggers, Fu Munchu etc. make alternative rock and sound nothing like Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath or Jimi Hendrix. They are no different than bands like Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins. In other words you being fooled again and the naive 90/00s audience just comletely believe it. If you just constantly repeat that Monster Magnet or Wolfmother are real 70s music nobody is going to question that. It ofcourse can not be that the people who write for Kerrang or Mojo are talking a load nonsense. Stonerrock acts allways have these sloppy guitarsounds as if they been recorded in a pool of mud. As if the bands from the 70s all had a very crummy guitarsound. Ofcourse the recording equipment of the period wasn't as good as what you have today but it was defintely that unlistanable blurry sound that groups like Nebula or Electric Wizard and all those other poserbands have. The fuzzpedals that the stonerrock bands constantly use was only used very seldomly on seventies records. The bands from that period didn't often use effectpedals and got their distortion by turning the sound from the speaker up high. During the seventies the production of records became better so you started getting records that had a real clear sound. So this idea that 70s records sounded so bad is rubbish. But i think people who make this kind of music do not really like classic rock. It's more a pop-culture type thing then that they have a real passion for seventies music. They are just making a charicature of 70s music and trying to make fun of it. Conclusion: They are just a bunch of punklosers. It is also not true that 80s rock is very different than the rock of the 70s. Bands like Motley Crue, Dio or Kick Axe sound more like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or ZZ Top than the stonerrock groups. They dont sound more commercial than the 70s acts they just have a better sound. So if you see a band that has a faux hippie image or has ironic bandnames or songtitles like 'Bad Afro' or 'Bellbotom Motherfuckers' AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!



Yes kids the music from the eighties was so awfull. Wasp, Poison, ZZ Top? All crap. We would rather hear slow-paced, lifeless and dull groups like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Live or Dinosaur Jr. All those alto-rockers who say that 90srock is better than 80srock are just a bunch of moaners. The music from the 70s/80s sounded much more exciting and energetic than tired sounding bands like Pearl Jam and Soul Asylum. They wrote much better songs. Grunge songs just don't sound very catchy. Rock cd's of the nineties have a very shoddy sound. Indierockers often use as an excuse that their records are more honoust and raw and that 80srock albums sound more glossy and overproduced but in reality their records were better recorded and had clear sound and it only sounds more polished to their ears because the music they listen to is produced in a very crappy way. No matter how mainstream albums by Journey or Scorpions may sound they will still blow Away well-behaved bands like Silverchair, Beck or Alice In Chains. People make claims about grunge that are not true. The quiet verse loud chorus song-structure hasn't been introduced by grunge and is something that rockbands have done for years. A good example is the song by 'Metal Health' by Quiet Riot which also has clean guitar in the verses and heavy rifs in the chorus. Other 80s hardrock acts like Ratt(Wanted Man), Malice(Rockin With You), and Dokken(Nightrider) do this. Songs about depression, teen-problems or not fitting in is also something classic rock bands sing about. Just listen to Ozzy Osbourne or Ronnie James Dio only they did not forget to have fun so that you don't get the urge to pull the trigger. Don't be fooled. Grunge is not a new form of hardrock that has replaced the old hardrock. It is a different form of music that has influences of heavy rock but it's not part of that genre. If people say that grunge killed "hairmetal" they actually mean that it killed of heavy metal full stop. Don't forget that grungers are punks and punks by definition hate hardrock.